Upcoming Weekend Discount

MischkinArt Upcoming Weekend Discount

20% Upcoming Weekend Discount


Hi! Do you need a face painter for this weekend, but didn't book one in advance? No problem at all! I love face painting and can do it for hours. That is why I will provide 20% discount just for your party this weekend! Don’t hesitate and book now for a fun experience for the whole family. 

However, there will be one limitation. I usually don’t mind staying a little longer to keep face painting and making others happy, but sometimes my schedule just does not allow it. In this case, because I most likely have another appointment, I won’t be able to do so, and would need to leave right after the time expires. I hope you understand. Other than that there is absolutely no restrictions, and I can guarantee I will ensure the best quality of work possible for the time we do have together.

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